Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Specific Recommended Bacon and Vegetable Recipe

Did you ever taste the perfect combination of bacon and vegetable? Today, I will introduce the specific method to cook bacon and vegetables.

Materials: 8 pieces of bacon, 2 pieces of ham, 1/2 cucumber, proper amount of flammulina, 1/2 red and yellow bell pepper, 1 lettuce.


1.       Slice red, yellow peppers, cucumber and ham into pieces;

2.       When the water is boiling, add flammulina into it for instant boiling; then drain the water;

3.       Brush a layor of olive oil on the pan; use small fir to fry the bacon;

4.       Take a piece of bacon to the dish; add proper red, yellow pepper, cucumber and ham on it;

5.       Roll the bacon; put a layer of lettuce on the lunch box; then put the rolled bacon on it.

Wow…. So tempting… What do you think about this bacon and mushroom recipe?


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