Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Healthy Homemade Cheese Crisp Hamburger Recipe

Healthy Homemade Cheese Crisp Hamburger Recipe

We know that the hamburger made in fast food shop contains too much calories, so I will introduce a healthy homemade hamburger recipe with simple toast and vegetables. I am sure you will like it.

Materials: 2 slices of toast bread, 30g corn, 30g carrots, 1 egg, 10mil eatable oil, 30g cheese, 30g ham, 15g peas, and proper sunflower seeds.


1.       Boil the sliced carrots till its color changes. Stir the cheese, corn kernels, carrots and chopped ham together.

2.       Use food knife to slice the middle part of bread to the half place; keep the other half attached.

3.       Fill the mixed vegetables into it.

4.       Brush the opening edges of bread with egg liquid, press the openings to seal it. The rest egg liquid can be painted on the two sides of breads and stick sunflower seeds on them.

5.       Pour oil on a pan, and fry the breads with low fire; it is completed when the two sides are fried to golden color.

When you cut the completed homemade cheese crisp hamburger, you can see the colorful vegetables and hams.

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