Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Colorful Egg Vegetables Rolls Recipe

Colorful Egg Vegetables Rolls Recipe

Materials: Eggs, Mung bean sprouts, ham, bell pepper, oil, salt, flour, starch, green vegetables you like


1.       Mix 20mil flour and 10ml starch with water; add 3 eggs into it; stir thoroughly

2.       Pour little oil in the pan; then lay the mixed egg liquid quickly on the pan with middle heat.

3.       Also little oil in the pan; when the oil is hot, add hem, mung bean sprouts, bell pepper one by one to fry. Add proper salt to adjust the taste.

4.       Fill the vegetables ham stuffing into the egg wrapper. Cut it into pieces and put them on the dish.

The combination of eggs and vegetables could supplement the necessary nutrients for people, so this egg vegetables rolls recipe is absolutely good for health.

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