Friday, April 20, 2012

How to Make Delicious Japanese Rice Balls

When I watch the Japanese TV series or anime, I often have the mind to make rice balls by myself. They look so beautiful and delicious. Practice speaks louder than words. So, I did it.

Materials: Japanese seaweed, sushi rice, cold boiled water, salt, red beans, purple rice, ham, corn, fresh crab roe, fresh caviar.

Rice ball Recipe Steps: 

1.       Wash rice and dip it into cold water for 30 minutes; then cook it with cooker. Pour the rice into a big bowl and add the sushi vinegar into it to mix them.

2.       Cook the red beans, purple rice and corn kernels with water separately; then add rice, red beans, purple rice, corn kernels, ham, fresh crab roe and fresh caviar in a big bowl to mix fully.

3.       Take another bowl; add cold boiled water and salt to make salty water. Paint two hands with salt water and then grab the rice to make them into different shapes.

The steps to make rice balls look very simple, but the tip is to paint hands with salty water so that we can taste the slight different flavor of the surface rice. You can also change the food materials as you like. 

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