Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Almond Papaya Milk Recipe

Almond Papaya Milk Recipe


2 papayas

200g fresh almonds

200ml fresh milk

125ml water


1.       Wash the papaya and cut a cup-shaped part from the top; use metal spoon to scrap the small kernels.
2.       Wash the fresh almonds; deep them in the water; then use food processor to mix the almond and water into almond juice; add proper amount of crystal sugar and milk to boil on pot.
3.       Pour the boiled almond milk into the papaya; cover the cut part on it; steam it above water with high heat for 25 minutes, so that the nutrition and flavor of papaya will melt in the almond milk

The steamed papaya could not only stop coughing and nourish lung, but also whiten the skins. Ladies could have a try when they are free at home.

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