Friday, April 27, 2012

Personal Recipe: How to Cook the Mushroom Cheese Rice

Materials: 15g nameko, 1/4 onion, 2 pieces salami, 1 celery stems, 15ml olive oil, 5g salt, 3g white pepper, 15g canned corn kernels, 15g canned peas, half bowl of cheese, a bowl of cooked rice


Shred the salami; dice the nameko, onions and celery stems. Set high fire for two minutes on microwave oven and use olive oil to fry onion dices.

Add nameko, salami, celery, corn, peas into it and cook with four minutes’ high fire on microwave oven. Add salt and white pepper white; remember to stir it during the process.

Take another big microwave container; put the rice in the bottom, and cover the rice with a layer of the cooked vegetables in the second step.

Finally, cover the cheese strips and put the bowl for middle heat 3 minutes. The cheese will fully melt into the rice.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Easy Healthy Bacon Banana Recipe

We often feel that bacon dishes are too greasy; however, the combination of bacon and banana could solve this problem. Now, I will introduce the easy healthy bacon banana recipe.

Materials: 4 bananas, four slices of bacon, 30g butter, 30g flour, 250ml whole milk, 5g salt, 3g black pepper powder, 5g cardamom powder


Wrap the four bananas with four slices of bacon and lay them on the microwave oven dish.

Heat the pan with medium fire to melt the butter first; then add the flour to fry and stir well.

Pour milk into the pan and stir constantly; heat with small fire until the liquid becomes viscous gradually; then sprinkle the cardamom powder, black pepper powder and salt.

After boiling, sprinkle the milk on the bacon-wrapped banana; put the dish into the microwave oven to high heat for three minutes.

Tip: If you want to eat more delicious bacon banana, you can also sprinkle some cheese slices on the bacon banana and then roast it in the oven for 15 minutes with about 220 degree fire.


    Tuesday, April 24, 2012

    Specific Recommended Bacon and Vegetable Recipe

    Did you ever taste the perfect combination of bacon and vegetable? Today, I will introduce the specific method to cook bacon and vegetables.

    Materials: 8 pieces of bacon, 2 pieces of ham, 1/2 cucumber, proper amount of flammulina, 1/2 red and yellow bell pepper, 1 lettuce.


    1.       Slice red, yellow peppers, cucumber and ham into pieces;

    2.       When the water is boiling, add flammulina into it for instant boiling; then drain the water;

    3.       Brush a layor of olive oil on the pan; use small fir to fry the bacon;

    4.       Take a piece of bacon to the dish; add proper red, yellow pepper, cucumber and ham on it;

    5.       Roll the bacon; put a layer of lettuce on the lunch box; then put the rolled bacon on it.

    Wow…. So tempting… What do you think about this bacon and mushroom recipe?

    Delicious Quick Fried Chicken Recipes: Crispy Chicken Bars

    When we go to fast food restaurant such as KFC or McDonald's to eat fried chickens, we may worry about its safety. Today, I will teach you the quick fried chicken recipes so that you can also cook delicious and crispy chicken at home.

    Materials: 200 g chicken breasts, 50g flour, 100g bread crumbs, 1 egg, 10g cooking wine, 1 tsp salt, pepper.


    1.       Put the frozen chicken breasts into the microwave oven to heat for 30 to 40 seconds so that the chicken is soft enough.

    2.       Cut the chicken into strips.

    3.       Take a big bowl to place chicken; add cooking wine, salt, pepper and stir them fully; put it aside for 10 to 20 minutes.

    4.       After 10 to 20 minutes, coat the chicken with flour evenly.

    5.       Break the egg, and dip the chicken bars into the egg

    6.       Roll the chicken bars in the bread crumbs.

    7.       Pour eatable plant oil into the pan; put the chicken bars into it when the oil is 60% boiled; pick it out when the two surfaces are fried to golden yellow.

    8.       Drain the oil

    After all these steps, you can put the chicken bars in a dish. Squeeze the tomato sauce; sprinkle with chopped green onion; then the crisp and tempting chicken bars are completed!

    If you have any problem about this fried chicken recipe, please feel free to leave your comment and discuss with me.

    Monday, April 23, 2012

    Personal Pea Cream Soup Recipe: Challenge Your Taste Bud

    When we prepare the dinner for families, we often hope to cook delicious soup to satisfy their stomach. Today, I will show you my personal pea cream soup recipe for your dinner.

    Raw materials: 250g peas, 25g butter, 1tsp salt, 60ml light cream, clean water

    1.       Wash the peas.

    2.       Heat the pan; add butter, turn the bottom of the pan to make the butter melt evenly.

    3.       Add peas and stir fry for one minute.

    4.       Add salt and stir again

    5.       Add two to five times of water to stir

    6.       Cover the pot; turn to small fire after boiling until the beans are completely soft.

    7.       When the water volume is boiled to only 80%; pour them into the food machine and process it into paste

    8.       Pour it into the pan again; heat it with low fire; add light cream when it begins bubbling; the turn off the fire.

    9.       Stir the soup and pour it into the soup cup; you can also decorate it with mint leaves.

    The sweet soft pea paste and dense milk taste will leave unforgettable impression on you. You can have a try by yourself, and you will find this pea cream soup recipe is really easy.

    Friday, April 20, 2012

    How to Make Delicious Japanese Rice Balls

    When I watch the Japanese TV series or anime, I often have the mind to make rice balls by myself. They look so beautiful and delicious. Practice speaks louder than words. So, I did it.

    Materials: Japanese seaweed, sushi rice, cold boiled water, salt, red beans, purple rice, ham, corn, fresh crab roe, fresh caviar.

    Rice ball Recipe Steps: 

    1.       Wash rice and dip it into cold water for 30 minutes; then cook it with cooker. Pour the rice into a big bowl and add the sushi vinegar into it to mix them.

    2.       Cook the red beans, purple rice and corn kernels with water separately; then add rice, red beans, purple rice, corn kernels, ham, fresh crab roe and fresh caviar in a big bowl to mix fully.

    3.       Take another bowl; add cold boiled water and salt to make salty water. Paint two hands with salt water and then grab the rice to make them into different shapes.

    The steps to make rice balls look very simple, but the tip is to paint hands with salty water so that we can taste the slight different flavor of the surface rice. You can also change the food materials as you like.