Friday, April 27, 2012

Personal Recipe: How to Cook the Mushroom Cheese Rice

Materials: 15g nameko, 1/4 onion, 2 pieces salami, 1 celery stems, 15ml olive oil, 5g salt, 3g white pepper, 15g canned corn kernels, 15g canned peas, half bowl of cheese, a bowl of cooked rice


Shred the salami; dice the nameko, onions and celery stems. Set high fire for two minutes on microwave oven and use olive oil to fry onion dices.

Add nameko, salami, celery, corn, peas into it and cook with four minutes’ high fire on microwave oven. Add salt and white pepper white; remember to stir it during the process.

Take another big microwave container; put the rice in the bottom, and cover the rice with a layer of the cooked vegetables in the second step.

Finally, cover the cheese strips and put the bowl for middle heat 3 minutes. The cheese will fully melt into the rice.

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