Monday, April 23, 2012

Personal Pea Cream Soup Recipe: Challenge Your Taste Bud

When we prepare the dinner for families, we often hope to cook delicious soup to satisfy their stomach. Today, I will show you my personal pea cream soup recipe for your dinner.

Raw materials: 250g peas, 25g butter, 1tsp salt, 60ml light cream, clean water

1.       Wash the peas.

2.       Heat the pan; add butter, turn the bottom of the pan to make the butter melt evenly.

3.       Add peas and stir fry for one minute.

4.       Add salt and stir again

5.       Add two to five times of water to stir

6.       Cover the pot; turn to small fire after boiling until the beans are completely soft.

7.       When the water volume is boiled to only 80%; pour them into the food machine and process it into paste

8.       Pour it into the pan again; heat it with low fire; add light cream when it begins bubbling; the turn off the fire.

9.       Stir the soup and pour it into the soup cup; you can also decorate it with mint leaves.

The sweet soft pea paste and dense milk taste will leave unforgettable impression on you. You can have a try by yourself, and you will find this pea cream soup recipe is really easy.

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